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Web Triage: Methodical Madness The infamous SXSW panel picker is live. Love/hate aside, South By is about people. Not panels. And certainly not about the panel picker. Just the same, Messieurs Mall, Marcotte and myself wouldn’t mind if you shot a couple of stars the way of our presentation. Stethoscopes will be provided. BYOS (bring your own scrubs). Permalink

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Twitter snags Summize Please keep the fail whale away from Summize, their search has been the only thing keeping Twitter usable (for me) these past few months. Here’s hoping the “Replies” tab just turns into a Summize search for @username. Ooh, and how about letting us customize that “Replies” tab search string? Permalink

Shortwave Firefox Search Plugin While Safari allows you to access individual Bookmarks Bar items with Apple + [1-9] keyboard shortcuts Firefox sadly does not offer an analog. So Brendan Borlase created a Search Plugin that passes commands to Shortwave. The best part? Apple + K focuses the search field for mouse-free Shortwave surfing in Firefox too. Permalink

Shortwave for the paranoid Uses a self-hosted JavaScript file as opposed to a plain text file to avoid passing through I would have called it “Tinfoil Hat.” Permalink

Favicons Did you know that most modern web browsers allow any supported image format as a favicon if you use the <link /> tag? One of the many tidbits I picked up while developing FeverPermalink

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Plainview A bare-bones full screen browser built with WebKit. (viaPermalink

280 Slides When I skimmed over @chockenberry joking about Objective-J on Twitter (yeah, remember Twitter?), I thought he was referring to the original iPhone SDK (or web apps with JavaScript in Safari). Turns out the guys at 280 North wrote an Objective-C interpreter in JavaScript. Basolutely sinane. Permalink

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