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Röportaj An interview with yours truly by popular Turkish blog Webrazzi. An English version went up not too long ago. Permalink; An invitational exhibition of source code coming to Chattanooga this summer. Designed by yours truly. Jiggly. Permalink

Mobile Browser Compatibility PPK has been tasked with expanding his browser compatibility tables to include mobile browsers. Lend a hand on Twitter if you can. Permalink

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A Smarter MAMP I’ve been using MAMP, Headdress and Quicksilver to streamline the creation of new virtual hosts for local development but Jason’s BIND/VirtualDocumentRoot technique looks promising. Permalink

Validator app for OS X Linked everywhere a while back. Handy for days when the W3C’s “Validate by file upload” feature appears to be hosed (today seems to be one such day) or when you’re offline (say, traveling). Drag and drop to validate local files couldn’t be easier. Permalink

Cappuccino Objective-C for the web. I stand by my previous assessment. Basolutely sinane. Permalink

An Event Apart San Francisco 2008 Jeremy Keith’s live blogging is the next best thing to being there. Permalink

Leslie on WOW Technology Minute Talking (briefly) about bridging the gap between what employers on the web expect from college graduates and what they’re actually getting and her efforts to close that gap.  Permalink

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